Does homeowners insurance pay when sump pump failure causes damage to a finished basement?

A sudden downpour may bring in more water than the sump pump can handle, or cause a sewer or drain line to back up. It takes very little water to significantly damage walls, flooring, appliances, personal belongings, and more.

While standard homeowners policies do not provide coverage, many insurers offer sewer or drain back up and sump pump discharge or overflow coverage as an optional endorsement. Endorsements change policy terms and allow individuals to adjust coverage for unique needs. Consider adding the sewer back up/sump pump overflow endorsement if you have a finished basement.

Talk to your homeowners insurance agent about cost and coverage specifics. The endorsement typically provides limited protection (often ($5,000) for belongings destroyed by sump pump overflow or sewer or drain back up. There is a separate deductible, usually a percent of the coverage limit listed on the endorsement.

Do you live in a flood plain? Homeowners insurance policies exclude flood-related property damage. Coverage is available, but must be purchased as a separate, stand-alone flood insurance policy. Ask your homeowners insurance agent for pricing and coverage options.