Will I be able to insure my car when my drivers license is reinstated?

Traffic violations and/or suspensions will disqualify you from preferred auto insurance rates. In addition, insurers consider loss history as a predictor of future claims. Not having current coverage will reduce your insurance options because there is not an established track record. Still, hundreds of companies market auto coverage in Illinois and eligibility requirements vary by insurer. Thoroughly explore the possibilities.

Ask a local agent about the Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan if you cannot get coverage from a traditional insurer The basic requirements: 1) turned down by multiple insurers; 2) have a valid driver's license or be eligible to apply for one; 3) no outstanding insurance premium for the last 36 months; 4) vehicle is safe to drive.

The local agent will forward your application to the Auto Plan. The Auto Plan will assign you to receive insurance from one of the many companies licensed to operate in Illinois. Rates may be higher, but are pre-set and do not vary by insurer. Shop for other insurance when you have established a good driving record.