Will homeowners insurance pay to replace my roof?

Contact your homeowners insurance agent right away if you suspect storm-related roof damage. Take pictures and make temporary repairs to prevent additional loss. Save receipts for tarps and other materials, as these are reimbursable expenses.

The insurer will assign a claim number and adjuster to investigate the loss. The adjuster is responsible for confirming coverage, inspecting the roof, assessing the damage, and preparing a written repair estimate.

Homeowners policies are legal contracts that spell out when and how damages are covered. Policies typically limit roof claims to actual damage, which means only the ruined section of the roof will be repaired or replaced. Depreciation may reduce the offer if policy terms tie the settlement to roof age. Or, your contract may stipulate a percent deductible (rather than a flat amount) for storm-related roof claims.

Policy terms cannot be amended after a loss happens. An annual review of your homeowners insurance contract exclusions, restrictions, limitations, and loss settlement provisions is best. Contact your agent to discuss and address coverage gaps.