Why does a life insurance application ask such detailed health questions?

The life insurance application typically requests general health information like height, weight, date of birth, habits (smoking, drinking, high-risk activities like racing, sky diving or parachute jumping), ongoing medical conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, etc.), past health issues (diseases, surgeries, abnormalities, etc.) and current medications.

Answer the questions truthfully and with full disclosure. Hiding health details can create problems down the road. A serious unreported issue may cause the insurance company to raise the premium, cancel coverage or withhold benefits if you pass away within the first two years of the policy.

The life insurer may also require a medical exam from a company-affiliated health professional. There is no charge to you for this health check. A trained paramedical will perform a routine assessment, usually in your home. This typically involves checking blood pressure and pulse, listening to your heart, verifying height and weight, taking a urine sample, drawing a blood sample and reviewing medical history.

Finally, be sure to verify the financial stability, complaint record and licensing status of the company you are considering before purchasing coverage.