What to do when your homeowners insurance is nonrenewed

Explore possibilities with other insurers if the nonrenewal cannot be reversed. Over two hundred companies offer homeowners coverage in Illinois. Eligibility and pricing vary by company. Be upfront about your claims, offer to take a high deductible, and make improvements to lessen the likelihood of future losses.

Ask a local agent about the Illinois FAIR Plan if you run out of options. The FAIR Plan is an association that provides property coverage to individuals turned down by traditional insurers. A variety of homeowners insurance options are available, similar to coverage provided by standard companies. To qualify for the FAIR Plan, you must be nonrenewed or turned down for insurance, and have a structurally sound home. Vacant properties are not eligible for the FAIR Plan.

Plan to shop around when your claim record improves. In time you can return to the traditional homeowners insurance market - and pay lower rates.