Is there a state program for those unable to get homeowners insurance?

The FAIR Plan offers a wide range of homeowners insurance options, as well as dwelling and commercial property coverage to those unable to buy insurance in the traditional marketplace. Renters and condominium owner policies are also available. Pricing is typically higher as the FAIR Plan is a last resort market.

The FAIR Plan has two main requirements. First, the applicant must make unsuccessful attempts to buy property insurance from traditional insurers. Second, the covered property must meet basic fire, loss prevention, and safety standards. Vacant properties, farms, and locations outside Illinois are not eligible for the FAIR Plan.

Discuss your insurance needs with a local property insurance agent. Be honest about your situation and find out why traditional companies are not willing to insure your house. Ask if a high deductible, coverage adjustment, or other action will expand your insurance options. If not, look into the Illinois FAIR Plan.

Work on improving your situation. In time you will qualify for homeowners coverage from a traditional insurer again.