Is there a state car insurance program for those that cannot get it?

All insurers licensed to sell auto insurance in Illinois support the Auto Plan. To qualify you must have a valid driver license or be eligible to apply for one. You must also verify inability to buy auto insurance in the last 60 days or confirm the cost of insurance from a traditional insurance is higher than the Illinois Auto Plan.

Most people can buy insurance on their own. In turn, the Illinois Auto Plan is considered the 'market of last resort.' Auto Plan premiums are based on factors like age, tickets, accidents, vehicle, location, liability limits and more. Rates are higher than traditional insurers.

Ask a local agent about the Illinois Auto Plan if you find yourself without other options for vehicle insurance. The agent will complete and forward your application to the Auto Plan. You will receive a policy compliant with Illinois' mandatory insurance law. Focus on improving your driving and claim record during this time. In the future you will be able to return to the traditional auto insurance market and pay lower rates.