Ready for driver's license, car, and insurance following a DUI several years ago

Statistics show motorists with less than perfect driving records are more likely to have claims. The additional risk means fewer insurers are willing to offer coverage. People with fewer options typically pay higher rates.

Thoroughly explore the options. Hundreds of insurers operate in Illinois, and eligibility rules vary by company. Ask a local agent about the Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan if you cannot get coverage elsewhere.

The Auto Plan is an assigned risk pool that all insurers licensed in Illinois must participate in. You are eligible for the Auto Plan if you have been turned down for auto insurance; have a valid driver's license or are eligible to apply for one; and don't owe money to an insurance company within the last 36 months. The agent will submit an application to the Auto Plan on your behalf. The Plan assigns a company licensed to operate in this state to insure you Rates in the Illinois Auto Plan are expensive, but they do not vary by company. Plan to shop around when you have established a good driving record.