Lightning Awareness - Personal Safety

Danger. The threat is very real. An average lightning bolt contains 15 million volts of energy, but the electricity level can be much higher. Lightning is very hot, measuring 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Lightning is also unpredictable, and can occur before, during and after a thunderstorm. Bolts may pop up many miles away from the actual thunderstorm. Victims of lightning strikes suffer serious injury, sometimes death. Take steps to protect yourself when lightning is nearby.

Personal Safety. Make this your top priority when strong storms and lightning are in the area. Go indoors when thunder roars, as the saying goes. Postpone taking a shower or washing dishes in the sink. Stay away from windows, corded phones and small appliances. Find shelter on dry land if you are boating or swimming. Sports players and fans should take cover when lightning and thunder are in the area. Experts recommend remaining inside for an additional thirty minutes after the storm passes.