Illinois Auto Plan may be an option when insurers won't offer coverage

The Illinois Auto Plan is the last resort for individuals that cannot buy insurance from traditional companies. All licensed insurers participate in this assigned risk program. You must be unsuccessful securing traditional insurance, have a valid driver's license or be eligible to get one, and have a vehicle that is safe to operate.

An auto insurance agent will submit your application to the Illinois Auto Plan. The Auto Plan assigns one of Illinois' licensed carriers to insure you. Rates are pre-determined, and do not vary by insurer. Your insurance will likely cost more through the Illinois Auto Plan, so be ready to shop around once your driving and claim record improve.

There are stiff penalties for driving uninsured. Fines range from $500 to $1,000, and escalate to $2,500 following an accident involving injury. Your driver's license and license plates may be suspended. Getting reinstated may involve an SR-22 financial responsibility filing to verify liability insurance is in place. In addition, the not-at-fault party may sue for damages.