How does SR-22 insurance work?

A financial responsiblity certificate is a state-required document that verifies you are in compliance with Illinois' mandatory insurance law ($25,000/$50,000 bodily injury and $20,000 property damage coverage).

Individuals that need SR-22 insurance typically have a serious conviction (like DUI), got caught driving without insurance, or did not pay for another person's damages after an at-fault crash. There are other reasons SOS requires a financial responsibility certificate too. If you need SR-22 insurance, the requirement will be in place for three years.

An insurance company will prepare and submit the SR-22 document to the Secretary of State. The insurer is obligated by law to notify SOS if your policy cancels for any reason. Insurance policy cancellation leads to license and registration suspension.

SR-22 insurance options are limited due to a less-than-perfect driving record plus extra paperwork and monitoring responsiblity for the company. Contact a local auto insurance agent to explore the possibilities.

Ask the agent about the Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan if nothing works out. The Auto Plan provides insurance to drivers unable to get coverage from traditional companies. You need to be turned down by at least two insurers, have a valid driver's license or be eligible to get one, owe no outstanding premium to an insurance company, and have a safe vehicle. Rates are pre-set and do not vary by insurer.

Focus on improving your driving record during this time. Those with good records typically have more insurance options and pay lower premiums.