Homeowners insurance for owners with bad credit

Hundreds of companies market homeowners insurance in Illinois. Eligibility and pricing critereon vary. All companies do not consider credit-based insurance scores, so shop around. Illinois law requires the insurer or agent to inform you at the time of application when credit-based insurance scoring is used. Policyholders must also be notified if credit has negatively affected them.

Ask a local homeowners agent about the Illinois FAIR Plan if you're out of insurance options. Traditional companies must turn you down for coverage to qualify for this last resort market. In addition, your house has to meet basic fire, loss prevention, and safety standards. Comparable homeowners insurance plans are available through the Illinois FAIR Plan, but rates are typically higher.

Strive to pay bills on time, lower outstanding debt, and avoid new credit cards to improve your credit-based insurance score. Explore coverage options with traditional insurers as your situation improves.