Homeowners insurance options when policy is nonrenewed for claims

Insurers must follow numerous regulations when discontinuing coverage on the policy renewal date. Among these requirements are specific reasons companies can take this action. Loss experience (whether or not negligence is involved) is a valid nonrenewal reason.

If your policy is nonrenewed for loss experience you can:

  1. Ask for reconsideration. The insurer may renew the policy if you take a higher deductible, are a long-time customer with supporting policies, or agree to other changes.
  2. Explore options with other insurance companies.
  3. Talk to a local agent about the Illinois FAIR Plan if nothing works out.

The Illinois FAIR Plan is an association that functions like an insurance company. It is funded by property insurers licensed in Illinois and may be an option if you cannot get property insurance from traditional companies. FAIR Plan policies are similar to those offered by traditional insurers.

To be eligible for the FAIR Plan you must be nonrenewed or denied homeowners insurance from other companies. The house has to meet basic fire, loss prevention and safety standards and be located in Illinois. Vacant or unoccupied properties are not eligible for the FAIR Plan. Re-evaluate your options in the traditional homeowners insurance market once your claim record improves.