Flood - Prepare for Nature's #1 Disaster

Failing to recognize flood dangers can lead to injury, even death. Personal safety is most important in a flood emergency. Review and share the following points with your loved ones.

  • Discuss flood safety protocols. Make sure household members know how to respond, what not to do, and where to go for shelter.
  • Research flood risk for your residence; find out if you live in a participating NFIP community; look into flood insurance.
  • Pay attention to weather updates. A warning means conditions are right for a flood event. A watch means a flood event is imminent or already underway.
  • Never drive, walk, or swim through floodwater. As the National Weather Service says, "Turn around. Don't drown."
  • Do not cross bridges that may be compromised by rushing floodwater underneath.
  • Follow evacuation orders if given.