Will insurance pay to repair my car damaged by flood water?

Comprehensive insurance is optional, and pays for damage from events like flood, theft, vandalism, hail, animal-hits and more. A deductible typically applies to this coverage.

Verify your auto policy provides comprehensive insurance and then report the loss as soon as possible Take pictures to document how much water entered your car. Dry out the vehicle to minimize damage. You will also need to turn in a proof of loss statement and cooperate in the claim investigation.

The insurer will assign a reference number and claim adjuster to the loss. Keep this and other claim-related information in a central location. The adjuster will conduct a detailed investigation to verify coverage, gather loss details, assess damage and make a settlement offer.

Assessing damage involves determining how much water entered the car, estimating the cost of repairs and calculating the vehicle's actual cash value before the loss. Illinois Secretary of State guidelines may require the car to be retitled to identify it as a 'flood vehicle' and 'salvage vehicle.'

A 'total loss' means the price to repair or replace your car exceeds its actual cash value. Your insurance company will pay tax, title and transfer fees equal to the value of the totaled vehicle ifyou buy another one within 30 days of the cash settlement. You may retain the totaled vehicle with the updated title if it is nine model years or older.