Does auto insurance pay for repairs caused by hitting a pothole?

Collision pays for physical damage to your car caused by crashing into an object (in this case, a pothole) or another vehicle. It does not, however, pay for damage related to wear and tear. Check your collision deductible., as this is the amount you pay out-of-pocket before the insurance company steps in.

Take pictures of vehicle damage and the pothole that caused it. Get at least two repair estimates. Compare them to your collision deductible. It may not make sense to make a collision insurance claim if there is only minor damage.

Making a pothole claim could affect your insurance policy. A single-vehicle collision loss may result in a renewal surcharge or take away an accident-free discount. The insurer could also choose not to renew your policy, raise the collision deductible, or make some other change according to company guidelines.

Some communities pay pothole victims for vehicle damage. Check with a local official for more information.