Confused about homeowners insurance? Part 1

An insurance policy is a legal contract with several parts.

The declarations page is where you will find details specific to your property. This includes the insurance company's name, your name, your address, the policy number, start and stop dates, coverages and limits, the deductible, endorsement add-ons, premium, mortgage company, and more. Verify information on the declarations page is accurate. Correct errors as soon as possible.

The policy form is a multi-page document. Look here for definitions of words found in the insurance contract, what is and is not insured, additional coverages, coverage restrictions and limitations, insured duties when losses happen, and loss settlement terms. The best way to avoid a coverage surprise is to identify individual insurance needs, review the policy form, look for gaps, and ask questions. Insurers offer a wide range of endorsements to help policyholders to tailor coverage for individual needs.