Cannot find auto insurance needed to restore suspended driver's license.

Driving record is a factor that affects auto insurance eligibility and pricing. Individuals with tickets and accidents have fewer options than drivers with good records. With so many carriers marketing auto insurance products in Illinois, less-than-perfect drivers can usually find coverage. Fully explore the possibilities.

Consider the Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan if nothing works out. The Illinois Auto Plan is the market of last resort for individuals unable to get insurance from traditional companies. The requirements:

  • You must be turned down for auto coverage by other insurers;
  • You must have a valid driver's license or be eligible to get one;
  • Your vehicle must be in safe operating condition;
  • You must owe no outstanding insurance premium for 36-months.

The Illinois Auto Plan is an assigned risk program. A local agent submits an application to the Illinois Auto Plan on your behalf. The Auto Plan assigns an insurance company licensed in Illinois to provide coverage. Rates are pre-determined and do not vary by insurer.

Improve your driving habits and establish a good claim record. In time you will have more choices for car insurance, which typically means better rates.