Be safe on winter roadways - Part 1

Severe Weather Terms. Adverse weather puts lives in danger. Meteorologists issue watches, advisories, and warning to alert residents to threatening conditions. Be familiar with severe weather terms and take appropriate action.

  • Winter Storm Watch - Bad weather is possible. Stay tuned for developing information.
  • Winter Storm Advisory - Bad weather is expected. Prepare for worsening conditions.
  • Winter Storm Warning - Bad weather is occurring or will be very soon. Expect slick, treacherous roadways. Avoid travel if possible.

Winter Driving Tips. Roadways deteriorate quickly during a winter storm. Be ready to make behind-the-wheel adjustments. Common-sense tips to adopt:

  • Check weather conditions before heading out. Fill the gas tank; allow extra travel time; share route details with a friend.
  • Remove ice and snow from the windshield, headlights, and taillights before driving off.
  • Always wear a seat belt.
  • Be familiar with your car's handling features (front-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, steering, etc.).
  • Slow down. Leave plenty of space between you and the car ahead. Allow extra time for stopping and turning.
  • Bridges and overpasses get slick before roadways. Be cautious.
  • Drive defensively. Use turn signals; obey traffic laws; anticipate other drivers' actions.
  • Avoid distractions and fully focus on the roadway.