Be ready for an earthquake - Part 2

Protect yourself from falling debris during an earthquake.  Make personal safety top priority.

  • Inside:  Take cover under a sturdy table to avoid being hit by unsecured furniture, fixtures, and decor.  Follow the duck, cover, and hold procedure.  Remain in place until the shaking stops.
  • Outside:  Find an open area away from trees, buildings, signs, utility poles, bridges, and underpasses.  Follow the duck, cover, and hold procedure.  Stay in place until the shaking stops.

Be alert for falling rubble when the shaking stops.  Structures unable to absorb seismic activitiy may continue to crumble inside as well as outside.

  • Check for injuries.  Seek medical attention if necessary.
  • Listen to local news for emergency instructions.
  • Examine utilities for gas amd water leaks and damaged electrical lines.  Turn off utilities at the main switch/valve if there is a problem.
  • Look for structural damage.  A weakened structure may collapse.  You may need to eit the building.
  • Be prepared for aftershocks.
  • If you have earthquake insurance, report damage to the insurer as soon as possible.  Make temporary repairs to protect the property from more damage and save receipts.