Bad driving record? Consider the Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan.

To qualify for the Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan you must:

  • Try to get car insurance without success within the last 60 days.
  • Have a valid driver license or be eligible to get one.
  • Own a safe vehicle.
  • Not owe outstanding premiums to an insurer in the last 36 months.

The Auto Plan is an assigned risk program. A local agent will complete an Auto Insurance Plan application on your behalf. Upon receipt, the Auto Plan will confirm eligibility and assign a company to insure you. Rates are expensive, but do not vary by insurer. You can keep the policy three years if premiums are current.

Use this time to focus on improving your driving record. Those with good records have more options and pay less for auto insurance.

Avoid the temptation to operate your car without proper insurance. Illinois law requires liability insurance on all licensed motor vehicles. Individuals caught driving without insurance may receive a ticket, fine, or license suspension. Consequences escalate further if you are in an accident and have no insurance.