Auto insurance tips for families with young drivers

Start with choosing the right vehicle for your teenage driver. There are many options to consider and safety should be top priority. Mid-sized sedans equipped with airbags and other protective features are a good choice for beginning motorists. Stay away from sports cars and vehicles with high performance engines as they are more expensive to insure. Luxury and electric cars, trucks and SUVs cost more to buy - and also to repair or replace following an accident. Other vehicle factors that affect insurance pricing include likelihood of damage, cost of repairs, advanced technology, theft statistics, value, optional features, and safety ratings. Investigate the cost of insurance before committing to a car purchase.

Ask the insurance agent about discounts that may be available. Many companies offer good student discounts to teens that maintain 'B' averages. In addition, some insurers make beginning driver safety courses available to customers. Look into this option and find out if completion qualifies for a reduced rate.

Finally, continue to monitor your young motorist's driving habits. Be a mentor; reinforce defensive driving skills; encourage your son or daughter to be a responsible, law-abiding motorist. A good driving record is the best way to obtain low car insurance rates in the future.