Auto insurance options for those unable to secure coverage

The Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan is the market of last resort for individuals unable to get traditional insurance due to driving history or other factors.  

Among the qualifications:

  • the individual must have a valid driver's license or be eligible to apply for one;
  • the individual must own a safe, operable vehicle;
  • the individual must be turned down for coverage by traditional insurance companies;
  • the individual cannot owe outstanding premium to other carriers.

A local agent will forward an application to the Illinois Auto Plan on your behalf.  The Auto Plan reviews it and assigns an insurance company to provide coverage.  The insurer is responsible for preparing the insurance policy, forwarding vehicle identifcation cards, paying claims, and servicing the policy as needed.  Rates in the Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan are high, but do not vary between companies.

Focus on establishing a good driving and claim record.  In time you will qualify for lower rates from a traditional insurer.